Setting priority does not influence leveling result?

I have some portions of a project which do not need to get done first but want to get done first. When I set a higher priority, however, such as 999, than a lower priority task (say, 0) the leveling engine still schedules these 999-level tasks later than the 0-level tasks. For now, I’ve been simply making a dependency but that’s not accurate and the need for a work around seems to suggest a significant flaw in OmniPlan. Can Anyone point Me in the direction of how to change this behavior?

I just ran a test on my machine, and it appears to be working correctly.

Given a set of items, which are all assigned to the same resource, Leveling is putting them in order of highest priority to lowest priority. If that’s not what you’re seeing, please check Show Scheduling Influences (under the View menu). Is anything else affecting that task, besides priority?

If you’re still running into problems with the Leveling, please email with details, and a copy of the file; we’ll be happy to help!

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