Setting Project Review on iPhone app

I am new to Omnifocus. I know how to set the review date as I’m creating a new project on my Mac, but I cannot figure out how to do it on my iPhone.

Searching the forums didn’t yield an answer; perhaps I’m not phrasing the question correctly.

Thanks for any responses.


This doesn’t appear to be possible. It should default to whatever you have the default set to in OS X.
However, when projects come up for review on your iPhone, you can change the review interval by tapping in the text at the top that states when it came due for review and what the interval is.

A bit odd that the review interval can only be changed AFTER some comes up for review on iPhone.

You can send a project for a review by long tapping it in a project based perspective. Then you’ll be able to set the review interval.


@scottisloud and @tomdz nailed the gist of it! For full breakdown of the Review options in OmniFocus for iOS check out this section of our user manual. Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much to all. The long tap thing worked perfectly. Not sure I would have found that without asking here, but happy to have the information.


Just to be sure. Every project on iOS has automatically a review cycle of 1 week. So I can not accidentally miss to review a project. During the review process I can than also manually change the review cycles as needed?

I ask because momentarily it’s not easy to see the review cycles of all my projects and unfortunately I don’t have a Mac.

@dahan That is correct. By default every project is set to be reviewed once a week. This can be changed when viewing a given project in the Review perspective.

In case it might be helpful, there is also a hidden setting that makes it possible to change the default review schedule from 1 week to something else. One of my colleagues made a webpage for it to make it nice and easy to do. Just visit this link on the device you’re using OmniFocus with, use the two dropdown boxes to select your desired interval, and tap Continue. OmniFocus will be launch and you’ll be asked to confirm this settings change. You should then be all set. Any new projects you create should now use this new review interval. Please note, though that this will not change the review interval for existing projects.

Hope this helps!


Yesterday, while I was trying to batch-increase frequency of reviews for a number of hot projects, it came to me how cumbersome and frustrating the process was. Go to the Projects perspective, find the project (which in my case involves going through 2-3 levels of folder hierarchy), long tap, select Review, find yourself in the Review perspective, adjust frequency, go back to Projects, find a next project and so on… It would be so much easier if sending a project to Review was done in the background without changing the perspective. That way, one could send multiple projects and then switch to Review on his or her own. I really hope OG will change that!

By the way, on the iPad I have discovered a workaround for this limitation: switch to Review, search for " " (space) in Remaining - the results will list all your projects and tasks. From there you can scroll through the list and send projects to review while staying in the same view.


Is there a new way to do this? The solution in this topic was to long-tap the Project in a Project-based perspective. But with the new version of OF for iOS, long-tap “detaches” the Project for drag-and-drop. How can you change the Review frequency of a project in iOS in the latest version?

Whilst the long tap isn’t working the way as before, you can still swipe on the cell, tap ‘More’ and get to the review option.

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Worked, thank you!

Is it possible to deactivate review?
Sorry if this contravenes GTD philosophy

While I have hundreds of OF projects, I only wish to review specific study topics, on a weekly basis.
Any workaround ideas very welcome


I don’t think it’s possible to disable it, but you could set the review cycle on those you don’t want to see to something like a year or other long timeframe.