Setting the centre of an auto-layout diagram


I have only just started to use OmniGraffle so please excuse if this is a simple question. I have created a single A4 page canvas with a layer containing header and footer information. On a second layer, I would like to generate a diagram and use the auto-layout feature of the diagrams, but when I start OmniGraffle places the centre subject off the edge of the page. Is there anyway to define the starting location for a diagram on a page?


Hi Pete,

It sounds like you want to change your diagram type to “Circular”. See the section “Automatically Arranging Objects with the Diagram Layout Inspector” at for a description of how each Diagram Layout arranges items. That is located in the Canvas inspector.

Then you want to use the Outline Sidebar to add items in your diagram. If you have the time to do so, we have a diagramming tutorial that is like a “quick start” at which I found helpful in understanding how auto-layout is intended to work.


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