Setting up a Mac server to host OmniFocus - Can it be done?

Hi all,

I want to switch to Omnifocus… I’m really excited about it… it seems to be really awesome, but of course we run windows at work.

I currently do all my processing of my inbox while at my job. I have the task screen open on one-of-three monitors all day so I can see what I am doing. And I’m working in a Windows environment.

I sold my Macbook when I was only using my gaming PC at home, I figured I’ll buy one if I need one. Looks like I might need one.

So I figure my options are:

  1. Buy a Mac and do all my work processing at home (we are not allowed to work from home) and use my iphone at work to view my tasks. I’d need to be more organised than I am now to pull this off, and looking at my iphone all day work looks like I’m goofing off, as well as spend hours of extra time per week working from home.

  2. Buy a laptop and bring it to work. I’ve tried this before and I find I need to use google and other various applications while I’m working in the task system, constantly switching kb and mouse is annoying and a big barrier to making me want to use the system. And the tiny screen when I have 3 large monitors feels cramped.

  3. Build/buy a server and run MacOS from home, and remote desktop/VNC/Teamviewer to the Mac from my work PC. Pretty sure I have the access to connect to an external PC from my desk.

So it seems like the 3rd option might be a workable solution.

So is there something I haven’t thought of here? Is this practical or stupid. I haven’t used a Mac remotely before so I’m not sure if it would work nicely or be too annoying to be a good solution. What do you think?