Setting up lead time


I’m trying to set up my dependency for a typical workflow, but am having troubles.
Say I have task #1 which requires me to order stuff by 5pm (which takes an hour to finish), while the following day shipment will arrive at 12pm when I can perform task 2. How do I set that up? The only solution that I have right now is to set task 1 at 4pm and set a defined lead time to start task 2.

I’d like to make Task 1 flexible to perform it anytime during the day (not 4pm), but then start task 2 automatically on the following day at the defined time (12pm). Is there anyway I can do that, or tweak/ get a workaround with the resources panel?

Thanks a lot!!

@freddy0622 Hmm, I can’t think of a simple way to set this up in OmniPlan right now. Maybe you could assign Task #2 to a resource that only has availability from noon-5pm daily, and then set an elapsed lead time of 8 hours for the dependency between the two tasks? Assuming that lines up your project’s work hours, this should prevent Task #2 from being scheduled the same day as Task #1 (this setup at least worked in my quick testing).