Setting up recurring tasks for same task done at different times of day

I have a question about recurring tasks that I am trying to set up in a single actions list called “routines” (thanks Rose!). It’s kind of a test so I get used to tags and some of the other new features in OF3. I am not sure if I am setting up these recurring tasks corrrectly.

Here is the story:
I walk my dog three times a day-mornings, afternoons and nights. I don’t really need a reminder but I am listing these tasks so I can have a total picture of where my times goes each day. I set up a task as “Walk Woof” and it is deferred to 7a, when I usually walk her; then I have s similar but separate task deferred till 4pm and one till 9pm. I made them recurring since I do it every day. It seems redundant to have three separate tasks that are essentially the same task. However, when I played around with the repeating using the hourly functionality, it didn’t seem to work either because the intervals that I walk her are not fixed.

Am I missing something? Is this the normal way it works? As I said, I trying to get more organized by taking advantage of the learning opportunities that OF3 offers.

Thanks in advance!


If I were trying to accomplish this, I’d do the same.

If it bothers you to have the same action listed, you may want to put the time of day in the title (‘take dog for afternoon walk’).

Ultimately, though, if you’re wanting to track your time, there are apps and services that will likely serve you better.

For these type of tasks, I recommend Due by Lin Junjie