Share your Siri Shortcuts!

I’m new to automation in general.
I know it’s a bit early, but would love to see your Siri Shortcuts (workflows?)


Unfortunately the latest release of Omnifocus 3 on iOS didn’t get much love on the Siri Shortcuts front… not in comparison to Things 3. I’m really hoping a subsequent update will rectify this as it’s very exciting to myself as well!


I hope they are going to add the possibility to create a shortcut to have siri read your tasks in a certain list/forecast/perspective. I’d love in the morning to ask Siri to read me my forecast of the tasks to be accomplished.


What I found for me so far is shortcuts that just open the new item window prefilled with a project / context. Like “Create a new work task”, “Create a new task after work”, “Add a new item to my shopping list” and so on.

love this feature!!

I spent a couple of hours during the past few days trying to get something like this working with OF’s URL schemes. Does not seem possible, but something I’d really love to have. I actually considered looking at Things (as a OF Pro user) to see if they can do that. I’d also like Siri to return spoken results of tags/contexts when I ask.

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Here are a couple of simple ones I’m using so far.

Dictate to OmniFocus

Siri phrase: “Dictate”
What it does: Launches iOS dictate screen to capture text and adds text to OmniFocus inbox

Record to OmniFocus

Siri phrase: “Record”
What it does: Launches iOS audio recording screen to record audio (without dictation) and saves audio file as an attachment to a new task in the OmniFocus inbox.

I too would use a shortcut that reads out my task list for the day. Would love a way to automate task reading and editing through shortcuts!


Any word on whether the developers are planning to implement a feature to allow Shortcuts to you and Rita a list of tasks from a perspective?