Shared Layers Lock (OmniGraffle on iOS)

I don’t seem to be able to see the forest for the trees: Shared layers that I created on my Mac are not marked as such on the iPad, and I cannot edit them as if they were locked. No lock symbol is visible, though. Helpful advice would be appreciated.

Hi Art,

Can you confirm that you’re using the Pro feature set in OmniGraffle 2 for iOS? (Document Browser ▸ Gear Icon ▸ About OmniGraffle)

As Shared Layers are a Pro-only feature of OmniGraffle, you’ll need to have the Pro features activated in order to edit or otherwise make any modifications to a shared layer. Shared layers that are created with OmniGraffle 6 Pro for Mac will be visible in OmniGraffle Standard, but you won’t be able to alter this layer using a Standard license. I hope this helps!

Hi Aaron,

you pointed to the root of the problem. $49.99 later I can now see the shared layer and the lock icons again, just as I could see them on my Mac. I would have paid the upgrade fee immediately had I only known.

I am not a daily user of OmniGraffle, I use it only when the need for a great diagram arises. Thus I forgot about the distinction that your sales team makes w.r.t. the feature sets of the base and the pro versions. Spending this much of my time (I am a freelancer, so it should say: “valuable time”) on learning that I was only a small upgrade away from solving the problem is a suboptimal user experience. Could you pass this on to your UX team, please?

Again, thank you! art937