Sharing a stencil on a networked drive to keep a single common library?

Is this possible at all? We have shared drives here and 4 of us in the UX team are using the same Stencil, it does’t update often but often enough to want to keep it central.

Any ideas or working case examples?

cheers all!

Is the answer no? At least that would stop me looking for a fix?

For everyone else’s reference Omni replied saying:

“Unfortunately, due to OS X sandboxing limitations, OmniGraffle 6 is unable to to use symlinks or otherwise reference folders outside of the OmniGraffle container, which means it’s not currently possible to use to keep stencils in a shared location. We’ve a fairly popular request for some means to do this, I’ve added your comments there.”

So no, but maybe later.

Does anyone know if this ever happened?

Yes, this was added in OmniGraffle 6.3:

External Resource Folders

The most noteworthy addition is External Folder Linking. Add a folder anywhere on your drive to bring in all of your stencils and templates.