Sharing a URL to OmniFocus doesn't include the title - Can it?

When I share a URL to OmniFocus, the URL becomes the note of the inbox item, but the title of the webpage isn’t included. Is there a way to make it appear as the default name of the item? Other apps seem to have access to the title of the page when I share to them.


Which OS and version are you using?

I can’t replicate this behavior in iOS 13. When I share a webpage through the share sheet, the task title is similar to the page title and the notes contain the URL.

a shortcut like this can do it:

It will create a task in the inbox with the page title, and a note with the page title followed by the URL.

Oh, huh. I’m on iOS 13, too, but it hadn’t occurred to me to try different apps. Out of Safari, it works fine for me too. Out of Chrome (or the Google app), there’s no title. So, maybe this is Google doing something wrong. The title does show up in the Share Sheet preview coming from either app, though.

It’s not just Chrome or the Google app. I have this exact same issue with Instapaper and the Apollo Reddit app. The OF share sheet has no title, but the URL is in the notes field. I’m on iOS 13.1.2, but it’s been happening for a long, long time.

I would love any insight or input anyone has on this issue.

I was wondering the same thing. I’m currently considering migrating over from Todoist and one particular item I liked about Todoist is not only creating the task name out of the title but also making it linkable. But consistently getting a title from various points of sharing would be a nice. start. This is what it looks like out of Chrome:

@newfirewithin @masonfoley

I‘m not sure whether this is actually an OF issue. This might also have to do with the way apps share their data.

I’ve just created a Shortcut, made it available in the share sheet, allowed all entry types and added a quick view task.

  • Firefox seems to presents both Title and URL
  • Apollo seems only to present a URL
  • Safari seems to present the webpage and URL

I presume the OF share extension detects a URL and always places that in the notes field. But this might be something someone from the OF staff like @DerekM could answer.

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You are correct that I (we) shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions about where the problems lies. However when I share the same web page out of Chrome to other apps (like Todoist), there is a title of the page. Same when I share it to iMessage, Evernote, etc. This makes me lean towards something might be off with OF in this particular instance.

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