Sharing OmniPlan with a client


I’m relatively new to OmniPlan and I’m starting to use it for the first time for a large project. Our client is a national institution and only uses Windows - not mac. I’ve drafted up the whole project plan in Omni, and I now need an efficient way to share this with them.

I don’t need it to be co-worked on, just visually available. The only solution I have found is to take a screenshot, is that really the only option? Somebody did mention a funky way of sharing the plan via a URL, which shows all the complete tasks, but it needs to sit on a server.

Either way, I need to most efficient way to share this plan. Surely other people have had this issue right? If there isn’t a way, then I’m afraid I will have to drop Omni - which I don’t want to do.



How about exporting to PDF?

Sure, I’ve looked around for this solution. Are you able to point me in the right direction?

PDF is available as one of the options in the File > Export panel.