Sharing OO files to OF on iOS

Hi all,
I was trying to share an OO file from omnioutliner for iPad to OF 2 for iPad with iOS 8 but OF is not shown in the list of apps ready to share with. In Safari, OF is part of the list.

This is surprising me and it would be great to get some more details how to share between OO and OF on my ipad without using a Mac.

Thanks for your feedback.


I’m afraid it isn’t possible to share an Outliner document with OmniFocus using the iOS apps like you can with the Mac versions of the apps, but we do have an open feature request to add this functionality. If this is something you’d really like to see, please email us so we can add you to the file in our development database.

Currently, the only way to share data from OmniOutliner for iOS with OmniFocus for iOS is to copy and paste individual rows.