Sharing Tasks with Co-Workers or Teams


I am a big fan of Omnifocus since the early days.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a good workaround for sharing tasks and working on projects together.

Currently we use Podio and transform all tasks into OF later.

Ken Case told a while ago you will work on a multi-collaboration / co-working feature.

Now I wanted to check back whether this is on the agenda for a later release or not?

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Hi Sebastian,

thanks for bringing this topic up! I would also be extremely interested in collaboration features in order to be able to jointly work on shared projects/tasks in realtime. Unfortunately it seems that Omnifocus is just made for a single user… :( without any collaborations capabilities… :(

Any updates on this from the Omnifocus team?


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I agree. I would be more than happy to pay for multiple licenses in order to be able to cloud share work in Omni with my employees/team. Thank you.


+1 for Collaboration. I am in a small team of 4 that are not in the same location. We would all love to see the ability to collaborate on a ToDo list for a project. It would make divvying up the work so much easier.

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+1 for collaboration.
Using Flow right now with the team, but will switch if OF brings even rudimental collaboration features.

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It’s the only reason I don’t use OF on a regular basis. We are stuck in Top Producer for my Real Estate team and we are in Podio for all other items. I would LOVE LOVE to switch to OF and was an early adopter years ago.

This might not scale well with large teams, but might be an adequate solution for smaller collaborative efforts or even on a project by project basis.


dravine… that is a great option; unfortunately, as I understand it, you can only sync ONE list. So, shared, multiple lists with others is still not achievable with the current build?

I was hoping that OF2 would have this option built in, but it seems like it’s still a no go.

I understand that OF is a ‘personal’ todo list, but as others have echo’d … it’d suuure be nice.

Nothing would make me happier than a collaboration feature. And if there could be a comments feature added to it, it would become my #1 tool!

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I’m a massive Omnigraffle fan and often wondered what Omnifocus could offer me. Currently my wife and I use the reminders app to share tasks etc.

I tentatively downloaded the iPhone version this week to investigate further. Whilst I love the power of the app in general, the lack of a credible sharing feature is a major barrier to taking it on as a 24/7 replacement.

I’m actually a little amazed that a paid ‘to do’ list app doesn’t have one of the most basic offerings in this respect. Please tell me it’s coming soon!

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Any news on this function request? Is it even in the backlog?

I’d love to be able to collaborate with my spouse. So plus 1 on small-scale collaboration of some sort.

I would also like to have this feature, specially on sequential projects and somehow have a level of user rights were some projects can have owners and users. I suppose this would be available if the feature is developed.

Out of this request, I have a question. When I post in the forum there is a message saying that if you post for “me too” or “+1” maybe the feedback doesn’t reach the development team. What is the best way to say “me too” if the feature request is in this thread? Do you need to reply to the users and then send an email to the dev team?

The best way to make sure your concerns and wishes get noted as bugs and features in our development database is to email We have full-time Support Humans to respond to those emails and make sure things get organized.

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You can probably e-mail Omni and include a link to the forum post that you want to add your vote to.

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+1 for Collaboration.

I didn’t even check for this feature before going back and buying OF2 again, since I though it was such a OBVIUS feature of any Mac program 2015!

Just made a long “to-do” list that I wanted to share w my colleague (working else where) and I ended up sending him a PDF of the projects to-do. He’ll have to reenter this into his todo-program. Wow that felt so 1999…

Any hopes for collaboration features soon in OF2?
(How do they do it themselves? Using other software?!)

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And for you lazy people out there, here’s a text snippet below to use when sending an email to, to help us get the Sharing feature faster;

OmniFocus2 feature request (see forum link)

This is really a “must” feature, in mine and many others opinion, for a Mac software in 2015… Just one of the threads… Sharing Tasks with Co-Workers

Please post any updates / comments to the above forum so all can benefit.

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Sharing via Export
Just tried the OF2 Export feature, to share a small project and it’s 10 tasks. But it turns out that doing this will export the ENTIRE OF2 content to file. Does not seem to matter if I select a project or just some tasks, it takes everything. So that option is apparently also out! For sharing anyway.

Sharing via Print
This is In contrast to the OF2 Printing feature, it senses what you select in OF2 and creates a pdf from only that.

Check this out: Sharing features via omni sync service (solution + ROI suggestion)
Make your voice heard! +1…

I am not in front of my mac because I am out of the office. What happens if you go to one of your custom perspectives and exported from there?