Sharing Tasks with Co-Workers or Teams


Team collaboration features in OmniFocus will probably work best if there was OmniFocus for Windows and Android or a web version of OmniFocus.

OmniFocus is located in an Apple-focused ecosystem. This limits the opportunities for a collaborative OmniFocus in a multi-platform office environment.

If you notice, most of the team collaborative project/task managers have to be crossplatformable (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web-based),

OmniFocus for teams will be a hard sell unless you are working in an Apple deice based office.

A crossplatform version of OmniFocus will have to come out first before team collaboration features get integrated. An Android version and Windows version might not be needed if there was an OmniFocus web version available. This would allow Android and Windows users a way into the OmniFocus world.


+1 from me too. Actually I’ve been using omnifocus since 4 years on all platforms - Mac, iPhone & iPad, and obviously have invested a lot. But as OF is lacking collaboration I am switching away. Currently I am testing Nozbe & Flow, both are weaker than OF in terms of options, but are surely better in terms of collaboration.

My company has +15 employees and I am sure that adding collaboration to OF would greatly increase the customer base and obviously sales. So guys please listen and add collaboration in high priority list!



If not fully blown collaboration at least provide some “hooks” for pushing out single actions and projects (with all actions) easily to existing collaboration systems or even perhaps just tab or comma delimited spreadsheets?

Thank you


Just an update to say that I am still waiting on some sort of collaboration/delegation the I will switch both my office and my family to OF. Still waiting …
: /
Much longer and I’m just going to develop my own GTD collaboration tool. Ha!


I will switch my entire team, office, family, and two other companies I am involved with. It’s not a hard sell. We don’t want or need windows/droid versions.


I agree with RayZorback. Currently all my team use Omnifocus Mac but the lack of possibility to share, give task among my team, is getting problematic.


I’d really like to see collaboration as a feature with OmniFocus - I’ve been using it for years, but just having completed a project with a team of 30, it would have been great to be able to share tasks and reminders with my team - even if it was just web based access for non-mac users


Collaboration is a must. I really hope to see OmniFocus add teams.


I believe using the maildrop in a modified way where the assignee doesn’t need to have omnifocus installed (receive an email with the task details and then reply done when completed) would be a great place to start.


Just to add my two cents… Personally I do not see it as a must, there are plenty of collaboration tools out there which I do not choose to pay for (being an unsociable loner) and resent people saying collaboration is a “must”. For you maybe not for everyone, and not something I have any wish to pay for (subscription model anyone).

On a practical point does not building in collaboration kill the ability to use custom perspectives? I am sure most of have OF set up to display what we want where we want, collaboration would break that if others could change a task context, then suddenly you miss something which did not appear when and where you expected.

For me, leave OF where it is and let other programmes do the collaboration thing for those who “must” have it.


I have been on Ken and OG with respect to collaborative/team OF for literally years. One of the fundamental tenets of GTD is “delegate” and OF can’t. It blows that this has not been addressed over so much time–this critical aspect of GTD is, based on this feed and my own conversations, being “ignored”. Grrrrrr!

Jerry Pape, President
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In my experience as someone who has been in the receiving end of shared tasks, I can honestly say that tasks are difficult to share unless they are simple and/or the meaning is obvious (like buy milk). If it’s work related and a part of a project, it requires proper project management. And then personal task managers are not up to it. The reason why they don’t work well is that they rely on one-way communication which relates poorly to how knowledge workers work. And what is obvious to the sender is often not as obvious to the receiver - or the sender is unaware of details that make the task less obvious as it initially seemed.


We run a small farm and I have long dreamed of a way to communicate and collaborate using my beloved OmniFocus. My perfect world would be a cross between the finesse of Omnifocus 2 and the team functions of Asana.


I think that there are situations where even a “loner” (I count myself as one as well) may need to share a list/project.

My preference is to keep one combined work/home list, with sub-lists (eg shopping, etc). Ideally, I would like to be able to share a “sub-list” with my wife, and have it synchronize in real-time. I don’t know that this is possible with any software that has the other features that OmniFocus has.

I guess the alternative is to just use separate list software for those particular things, and have my wife email into OmniFocus whenever she wants to add something for me to do…its not the most elegant solution, but if that’s the best that is available, then I suppose that’s the only option.


Adding my voice here. Love OF but fear I am at the end of the road without collab. Don’t want 2 apps for this and I don’t think Omni are pursuing it. Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere to go as far as I see. Not a huge fan of todoist. Find the UI really cluttered somehow. Tried Tick Tick which looked promising but the more I used it the more it just grated on me. I find RTM too expensive for what it offers and frankly I need check boxes or circles. The best solution I have found so far is 2Do with reminders backend or Informant with Reminders backend. But 2Do using reminders has serious sync limitations (to be fair they are very upfront about it - but having to recreate all smart lists etc on every platform gets unmanageable quickly). And Informant is an absolute disaster in v5 IMHO. They desperately need to hire a Ui/UX expert. Sad thiough cuz it covers a lot of ground. But I can’t live in that app. (Shudder). Has anyone found a single app solution? I only need
to collab with my wife so I don’t need anything too advanced. Any multi app solutions which work well? Must be bidirectional sync though. None of this import reminders nonsense.



definitely agree with you here!
and yeah, i haven’t found a single app solution yet but i’m also searching for one (i’m also searching for drugs online but that’s another story). in case you do find, please come back with an update!


I use apple reminders to share my tasks with my partner. Sometimes we also use Evernote. For our (small, non heavy business) purposes it is fine.


Yeah I have been using OmniFocus for 5+ years, just added ToDoist as another task manager since it integrates with Alexa and I can share projects

Hopefully OmniFocus 3 includes these features along with relating tasks per month.


Agreed. Delegation is huge in GTD…and it’s just not there in OF…yet…

I have been using Nozbe but still not satisfied…it does not do all that OF does…and they keep price gouging their customers…$$$


Any new share / collaboration options opening up in OF3?