Sharing Tasks with other users

Posted in Sept 2018 - promised last year.

Is this ever going to happen.



Ken Case shared an update on sharing in his Omni Roadmap Update: September, 2019.

Does not address the timeline - it’s gone to the back of the bus - Sharing Task’s and projects easily will soon become the norm.

Yeah I would buy IOS and Mac IOS licenses for staff if they released it. I have OM3 for the Mac & IOS 13 and yet I am using Apple Reminders which is free to manage anything related to shared projects with staff and so many projects are actually shared and not just myself working on them.

I think “sharing” can mean many different things to different people. As is mentioned in the blog, OF is not OmniPlan.

What is your use case?

Personally, I only require sharing some tasks and task details with individual users. But as is mentioned in the blog, I do not necessarily want to mark a task as finished, when the other user has marked it as finished. And vice versa.

As we all use OmniFocus for iOS, we’ve solved this quite easily by sending each other a URL scheme through Shortcuts. It contains all OF fields, including notes, repeats and alarms, which makes it much more extensive than the maildrop feature. The receiving user only has to click the URL-scheme and the task will be fully imported.

It does require some (automatic) pruning and adaptation in Shortcuts, as the share sheet also shares the Taskpaper format and e.g. uses


which needs to be converted to


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