Sharing webpage doesn’t include url

I recently noticed that sharing webpage to Omnifocus on the desktop versus iOS exhibits different behavior.

On the desktop, the sharing sheet will share the title of the webpage in the title field and the url in the notes.

In iOS, there sharing sheet only captures title of the webpage. The notes section is blank and has no url.

If this expected behavior? Looks like a bug to me.

(Edited for typos. Autocorrect on phones are often wrong :( )

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Maybe totally unrelated, but I have an issue with the IMDb app on iPhone only sharing the url, not title and description which it did earlier.

I’m not sure when this started, but at least a few months ago.

When sharing from the IMDb app to Omnifocus the title is very useful to have, not just only the url.

Anyone else out there struggling with this issue?

I’m seeing the same thing. It started after upgrading to OF4. Currently running v4.0.4 universal, build 174.8.0

This is a bug that only occurs on iOS 17.3, and we plan to address it in the next OmniFocus update (OmniFocus 4.0.5). Apologies for any inconvenience it causes you for the time being, we hope to release this update very soon!


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