Shopping/Errands list

I’m slowly getting started with OF3 on iOS. I want to use it to make a shopping list/errands list but I’ve been unable to find anyone’s exact “how-to” to do this. I know I need tags (Errands: Grocery Store or Errands: name of store).

Could someone maybe share their screenshot(s) of how it looks or how-to?

I’m a little confused as to whether it’s a Project or Perspective. I need an OF3 mentor :-)

You can make a shopping list project and tags for all the shops you go to.

When you make the project, it should probably be set to ‘single actions’.

Add anything you want to this list, and tag it with the shop.

You can then see a list of things for a single shop in Tags.

You could consider adding a perspective for oft-visited shops later, or combining all your errands into one perspective.

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I personally have a “to buy” tag now and check that. This means that in my “super awesome fun stuff” folder I could have a project called “Movie marathon” which contains both the to buy tasks and the Watch tasks.


Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed to see. I usually do a weekly shop in one store, so I could rename the tags with the aisles, so where you have lettuce in the fruit and veg shop tag I could just put fruit and veg. That makes total sense, thank you :)

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I also want lists of things to buy outside of normal grocery, such as movies, music, books etc. So that makes sense too :) Thanks!

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I am a big, big Omnifocus user – but … for the supermarket I prefer Anylist. I have it setup and groups by aisles as you mentioned.

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Hmm, thanks… one to look at. I have one called Out Of Milk right now but haven’t used it too much, I’m still into the habit of thinking of something, picking up a pen and going to the paper pad stuck to the fridge and writing it down there! :)

I use task groups for that. Task is “go shopping,” one subtask for each item:

  • Go shopping
    • Fruit
    • Yogurt
    • Cottage cheese
    • Coffee
    • More coffee
    • OMG more coffee!
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Still learning OF… how do I set up a task group? Do you have a screen shot?

I hope you got your coffee :) It’d be tea or soda for me, lol.

I think it is folders inside a group. Make a task called “Fruit” inside the project “Go Shopping”. then put “Apples”, “Oranges” etc as Tasks inside the “Fruit” task (like a hierarchical folder structure.

I’d create a tag for every store that has the items on your list.
Then I associate each tag with the nearest address of that store, so that when I arrive at the store the list for the store pops up as an alert

I also did the same. Do you have any more Ideas to make this Tag more beneficial? How are the concrete Settings for this Tags? Do you think a shopping perspective might also be useful?

I am very new to customizing OF. I had several iOS grocery apps, but then I keep learning more about OF. Then I found the article regarding a grocery list and made my best attempt.

I now have a Shopping project and Shopping tag. Within the Shopping tag I have tags that represent aisles and stores like pantry, automotive, hardware, and pharmacy. Then within Pantry I have tags for the aisles of the grocery store. The last level is the items I have purchased previously [in other apps] under the grocery aisle tag, such as Produce.

So, my question. How do I make an item or many items active for my grocery list? I do not want to see everything under the Produce tag, but only the items I need to purchase.

Thank you for being patient with me. I look forward to your feedback.

@ckilly I have a single-action project called Grocery List and a perspective with the same name, with individual items grouped by Flagged, sorted by Name. Every item on the list starts with the aisle number. I use the Flag for things I want to buy on my next trip. On the iPhone, I can just swipe right on an item to set or clear the flag.

The flagged items are at the top of my list, sorted by aisle. I’ll try to add a screen capture.