Shortcut for due date?

One of the things that I hate about OF is a lack of a quick shortcut to select today’s date, or see a pop up calendar (ala Gmail) to set a date. Have I overlooked some easy to accomplish this? Thanks.

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If you enter 0d (i.e. zero days from now) into the due field on the Mac, the due date will be assigned to today’s date.

I hope this helps!


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p.s. There’s also a popup date selector in the Inspector. Though I find it’s generally most efficient to enter the date using OmniFocus’ flexible date entry.

Thank you! Just tried the 0d and it worked

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@silverlaker— You’re very welcome. Good to hear this did the trick!

@timstringer I see in that documentation that there are shortcuts for days, weeks, months, etc. Is there a syntax for ‘X’ minutes from now? Can’t seem to figure that out.

@jm.torres — I don’t think there’s a way to specify minutes, though you can specify hours (e.g. 2h). You can also enter an exact time (e.g. 7:50am).

@timstringer Ah, that’s unfortunate. Thank you for the quick response.

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One of the things I find disappointing on iOS is there doesn’t appear to be a “type in” field for Due or Defer dates.

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