Shortcut to change Parallel to Sequential (& vice-versa)

I think that changing Parallel to Sequential—and vice-versa—can only be done through the inspector and not any Menu items.

If I’m right, then does this mean I cannot make this change through any kind of Keyboard Shortcut, which is what I would like to do?


I guess you are right :(

At the moment, without that functionality, you could use Keyboard Maestro for that.
I believe though, this would be a nice addition (and not hard to implement, as it is currently present on the right-click menu) and suggest you to submit your idea as a feature request, by clicking Help>Contact Omni in Omnifocus — currently, the only official way to request support/submit a feature request is via email :D


I second this request.

Also, it would be nice when the icons for Parallel or Serial that are to the left of the Project or SubGroup would function as toggles. I find myself so often clicking on them with the hope that I can immediately toggle a Serial to Parallel or vica-versa.

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Strongly suggest you also send them an email. This will raise the importance of such request/idea :D


Thanks @ediventurin—as it happens it’s Keyboard Maestro I’m working with and so you’ve revealed a solution to me :-)

I will send off the feature request nevertheless and hope that @DrJJWMac chimes in too…

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The other way if you just want the email is to send the request to

I guess the preferred email is actually, as per Help>Contact Omni — but I guess we’re talking about the same thing (I was just showing how to fish ;-)


I sent an email as well for feature request.

We shall see how far that goes.

Response from Omni:

There’s an existing feature request to add keyboard shortcut support for toggling project types as you describe — I’ve let the rest of the team know you’d like to see this, too. Thanks for passing that along!


Is this shortcut still missing? :(

I’m also looking for a shortcut to toggle parallel and sequential project type. Even if it’s as simple as adding this to the menu bar so I can set my own keyboard shortcut that would be great.

I just created the cross-platform Plug-in Toggle Parallel <-> Sequential Project to accomplish that. Could be found inside OmniFocus 3 & 4 Folder in:

Then, it’s possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to this Plug-In.