Shortcut to Import Tasks using TaskPaper

I’m trying to set up some shortcuts for common places that I enter tasks. (e.g. Projects:Work:Other)

I’ve got the shortcut capturing typed/dictated text for the task name, then adding it to a TaskPaper template, before sending it all through to OF. I just can’t work out how to tell OF that I want the task in the aforementioned location (& not the Inbox). This Support Link has been really helpful but only seems to show how to add a new project, not add to an existing one.

When I dragged a test task in the correct location out to Notes, the Project information was listed as “context(Work : Other)” & not passed back into OF. The task just went into the Inbox.

Any info would be of great help.

I don’t know why it is, but as soon as I write down my problem, I always seem to solve it.

The “Add TaskPaper” Shortcut has an option for where you want the task/s to be placed, so changing that from “Inbox” to “Work : Other”