Shortcut to insert Date/Time in Notes editing


It would be nice to have the ability to quickly insert the date and/or time into a note.
I keep track of what is going on by adding little text infos to the task (for example: “27 Apr 2016 09:37 Email send to Mr. Blabla. Waiting for response.”
It would be awesome if I could just press a button or shortcut and Omnifocus would automaticly insert the date and time.

I currently use Textexpander for that. Just for that. The only snippet i have is for inserting the time and date. But with Textexpander switching to a subscription model it has become to expensive for only that purpose.

Maybe if i am not the only one there is a chance that a funktion like this will make it into OmniFocus.


Kind regards!


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I recommend you use Keyboard Maestro. It does everything TextExpander does, plus is a powerful macro program. I have macros set up for inserting dates all over my apps. I also have a Macro that fires whenever I open Photosohp, and it opens a crib sheet in Omni outliner containing useful but seldom-used ninja tricks.

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Thanks for the Tip. I will have a look at this.

But, I forgot to mention that I am talking about the IOS Version. Sorry.

@reimannje, you may continue to use Textexpander for IOS. After all the criticism from users, the maker of Textexpander has decided to keep the version without subscription and continue to develop it for those, including me, that don’t want to switch to the new subscription model:
[Tidbits article about Textexpander][1]

By the way, @anamorph, on the Mac there is actually one thing the otherwise indispensable Keyboard Maestro doesn’t do: date math. This is the main reason why I keep using Textexpander while I have Keyboard Maestro for lots of other shortcuts. I often insert the date for yesterday, the day before that and so on using Textexpander’s date math function.

You can write notes in drafts app which has a date expansion script built in, you can then easily copy/past that into OF or use its scripting. Drafts is a must have for me, I use it for nearly all text related stuff other than blogging, and it has a lot of actions to get stuff out into other programmes.

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Here are some ways to do date math in Keyboard Maestro.

Drafts is an iOS must-have for me, too. It also has add-on actions for sending a list of items to your Reminders specifically to be transferred to OmniFocus.

Wow - it is possible to do date math with Keyboard Maestro. Certainly a bit more complicated than with Textexpander, but interesting to see that it can be done. Thanks, @anamorph.

Hi Jay,

In OmniFocus on the Mac, you can do just that using Edit>Insert Time Stamp.

Is the problem that you need an easy way to do this on iOS? We have had feature requests to provide that on iOS as well. I think it would be useful too.



@lanettetest Thanks. Yes I was talking about IOS. It would be great if this makes it into a future version.

And to all the others! Thanks for your great tips. Drafts already made it onto my iPhone and iPad.

I arrived at this page while trying to search for a way to add a timestamp through keyboard shortcut on Omnifocus for iOS using the Apple keyboard (specifically the notes section). I tried to search for other threads but couldn’t find any. I would like to +1 this request. Thanks!

I would also be able to insert the timestamp directly within OF in iOS like how it is possible with the Mac thank you!

+1 for this feature from me too.

I use a simple keyboard shortcut on Mac to do this in every Note (I track progress of Tasks using Notes) but am unable to do so on IOS devices. Its even more vital now that I have OF3 on IOS and OF2 on Mac as I want to embrace all new features but am stuck between two versions right now…

I agree but also add that I routinely add cration / modifictaion dates to the action name. I‘m using TextExpander there as well, in my ‚legacy version‘ this is without subscription. To everybody: If you can still get it, grab it.
I‘ve already submitted a feature request to integrate that into OF a year ago, you‘ll want to do the same.

Unfortunately, my work adds policies to prevent the addition of custom keyboards, so I think this rules out TextExpander? Woukd be great to have feature in core OF product.

In addition to Keyboard Maestro, there is Alfred. I find Alfred a bit simpler to use for simple things like text replacement (called Snippets in Alfred). After stopping my use of TextExpander when it changed to subscription, I use both Alfred and KeyBoard Maestro.

I‘m definitely not using custom keyboards, either. No sending of all my input to some unknow servers for me.
TE doesn‘t need a custom keyboard for the apps that support it. OF is one of them as well as 73 others:
Sadly, the native iOS apps don‘t.

Many thanks for pointing me to Drafts, though !
The new subscrption based version - without the subscription - allows for great editing and import from / export to OF and others.
Oh, and Drafts supports TE, too.

To insert today’s date or date/time in a text field in MacOS I use WordService from Devon Software. . It is very useful.

Of course, the application must be built to support services, and not all apps do (for instance, ironically, Apple’s own Safari does not).

On MacOS it can be achieved with the built-in keyboard shortcuts. Its IOS where this becomes more difficult without third party software

Hi Jay (reimannje),

On iOS / iPhone, the “Insert Date” keyboard provides a quick shortcut to insert the current date and/or time in any app (OmniFocus, Notes, etc.). It’s one buck.

For “27 Apr 2016 09:37” the format the app uses would be:
dd MMM yyyy hh:mm

( Disclaimer: I worked on this keyboard after wanting something similar to yourself. )

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