Shortcut to insert Date/Time in Notes editing


It would be nice to have the ability to quickly insert the date and/or time into a note.
I keep track of what is going on by adding little text infos to the task (for example: β€œ27 Apr 2016 09:37 Email send to Mr. Blabla. Waiting for response.”
It would be awesome if I could just press a button or shortcut and Omnifocus would automaticly insert the date and time.

I currently use Textexpander for that. Just for that. The only snippet i have is for inserting the time and date. But with Textexpander switching to a subscription model it has become to expensive for only that purpose.

Maybe if i am not the only one there is a chance that a funktion like this will make it into OmniFocus.


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This already exists in the Mac version - Edit -> Insert Time Stamp. If you wanted to associate this with a keyboard shortcut, you could do so through the MacOS keyboard shortcut settings. Here’s a page with some details:

I would love this feature as well, but it is not available on the iPad version, that I can find