Shortcut to send mail to OF from Apple Mail app?

Hi - has anyone found a way to create a Shortcut to send a mail message from Apple Mail to OF on IOS?

I know I can drag and drop, or use a 3rd party app like Airmail or Spark, but …

Thanks for any ideas


I haven’t tried this, but have you tried the ‘Remind me of this’ Siri command with OF reminders import. I find the Siri command doesn’t always work, but it does sometimes. Maybe you would have better luck.


Yes - I use Siri as a way of getting items into OF quite a lot. Email import would be so nice - see a mail that needs action, send to OF, archive from mail inbox.

Thanks for the suggestion, though

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Yes, I can’t seem to get the app-based reminders that worked in iOS 11 to work in iOS 12 (although I am running the 12.1 beta, so maybe that’s got something to do with it).