Shortcut to switch perspectives displayed in iPadOS today view

Now that iPadOS allows for the today view to sit on the homescreen, it’s become a lot more useful for me. I would love for an easier way to switch the perspective used in the widget than having to go into OmniFocus settings. Maybe a Shortcut? Dream would be to use a shortcuts automation to switch the perspective to my work perspective when it get to work, and my home perspective when I get home.


Hi there… I agree entirely. For me in an intense job separating work from home is vital.

@redsleaves. Hi, I see we have both asked the same question (Easily change the Perspective used by the iOS Widget) and neither of us received an answer.

I am taking the silence to mean that it cannot be done or did you find a way?

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We don’t yet have the technology for that. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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