Should I buy or should i wait?

I wanted to buy OmniOutliner one day and thought $20 was money well spent.
Luckily, I tested the functionality again and realized that some of the Pro functions would be important for me (e.g. focus on subtrees).
Unfortunately now I have a problem because $100 is a different amount.
Especially for software from 2017 (or last version from 2022) with the prospect that a new version is not too far away.
Does anyone have any clever advice for me?

Not really sure what your question is. Did you purchase the Standard Edition and now want to buy the Pro or just want to get the Pro? What feature(s) in Pro do you need? I use OO for all kinds of things from simple lists to complex, multi-page sets of instruction.

If you buy the Standard Edition, you can upgrade later.

FWIW, OmniOutliner Pro is worth every penny. Especially considering OmniAutomation. I have developed a lot of automation for this app. Additionally, outline rows could have attachments and it’s possible to access those programmatically via OmniAutomation. Possibilities are endless.

Has anyone used Logseq and move to OmniOutliner? If so, please explain why & thank you

Never heard of LogSeq.
Seems to be a different application from quick scan. Is it more of a multiplatform note app?

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