Should I use v2 "for iPhone", or “for iOS”? I own both. [A: Recommend latter.]

Should we be using the universal version of OmniFocus 2 on iPhone, instead of using the “OmniFocus 2 for iPhone” version?

We’re continuing to update the “for iPhone” app with both bug fixes and new features for the foreseeable future, but if you own both, we’d recommend using OmniFocus for iOS on all of your devices. (To reduce the potential for confusion, if nothing else.) That said, this isn’t so important that you should drop everything or inconvenience yourself to make the switch. When you have time, though, here’s what we’d recommend:

First, install the “for iOS” version of the app (has a black checkmark in the icon) to your iPhone ALONGSIDE the iPhone-specific one. (White checkmark.) Both can happily coexist on your device until you’re ready to delete the latter.

Next, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to set up a free account on our sync server and make sure your OmniFocus information is being synced between your various devices. You can request an account here. If you’re already syncing your data, you can skip this step, obviously, but if you do request one, our servers’ account creation process will send you an email which walks you through the process of enabling the syncing feature in the app. Do that, then come back to this. :-)

At this point, you’ll want to complete at least one sync of all your devices in this order:

  1. One sync each for any non-iPhone copies of OmniFocus.
  2. Sync the White-checkmark app on your iPhone.
  3. Sync the Black-checkmark version, also on your iPhone.

Once you do that, the order you sync them in no longer matters - doing things in that order will just provide the simplest way of getting your data from the copy of the app it sounds like you started using first over onto the rest of your devices with a minimum of hassle.

At that point, you can leave both versions of the app installed on your iPhone for a little while. They store and sync their own independent copies of your information without messing with each other, but when you’re happy that everything is showing up on all of your devices the way you’d like, you can remove the older white-tick version to reduce the potential for confusion in the future. Hope this helps!

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