Should we expect Continuity/Handsoff between OS X and iOS? How will it work?

Does the current APIs of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 allow OmniFocus to create OF Continuity/Handsoff feature between iPad, iPhone and Mac?

If so, how far is this in the roadmap for OF2?
If implemented, what exactly it should allow?

  • seeing entirely up-to-date database immediately once I switch from one device to another?
  • seeing only current item and database position, with the rest of database synced within minutes after that?
  • should both “departure” and “arrival” devices be turned on and on the same wifi network at the moment of device switch for the feature to work?

I like the Dropbox model. If I recall correctly, Dropbox will sync to the cloud. But if it detects computers on the local network, it broadcasts a signal that tells the devices to sync and copy to each other without going up to the cloud.

Maybe we can see that. Have changes sync to the Omni Sync Server. But if you have devices on the local network that are running OmniFocus, it will sync over. I think it’s called “push” technology? I don’t know if IOS 8 will have that kind of API?