Should we have a Slack community?

I have Slack open all the time on whatever device I’m on. It would be cool to have a Slack community for folks that use the suite of these apps. I would like to know what everyone else thinks.


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I used to be a big advocate of Slack and promoted it on several teams. For me, it just became too much busy. Slack has improved with their threaded conversations, but I kept finding people asking the same questions. For me, Discourse is perfect.


I have Slack open as well but I strongly prefer forums like Discourse and the relevant StackExchanges for this kind of community. Slack is good for people who are working on something together regularly or for urgent real-time notifications, and we’re all just popping in and out every few days/weeks to ask and answer questions that are probably not the day’s biggest priority for most of us. :)

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That all seems reasonable to me. If folks aren’t into it then it would be a waste of bandwidth. I was kinda hoping to bring the developer/automator community together a little more so that we could potentially work together on scripting. At least that was my initial thought.

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I’d be interested from a developer/script collaborating point of view 👍🏻

@brittanmcg I would be interested in joining forces in a scripting community! :)