Show All Notes not working properly(?)

hello everybody.)

am i the only one who thinks Show All Notes is not really functioning properly?

for example, if i click Show All Notes in my Projects perspective and then create a new task with a note somewhere else in the app, this particular task’s note will not be visible when back in the Projects perspective, until i turn Show All Notes off and back on.

is that a bug or an intended functionality? seems counterintuitive to me but maybe i’m wrong…

It couldn’t be that you have one of the Filters set in such a way that it is still excluding your recently-created task, could it?

do you mean the perspective view options?
it happens everywhere, including the Projects perspective, where, i believe, view options do not have any particular setting for how the notes are displayed.

Thanks for explaining how you expect Show All Notes to behave: what you’re expecting seems reasonable, it’s just not how it’s currently designed.

Each device currently remembers which notes were visible in each perspective’s task list, and “Show All Notes” is currently implemented as an action which shows all currently visible notes. But the ways this was designed was to remember the current state of those tasks (and whether their notes were shown), not whether we’re in a “Show All Notes” mode or not. So any new notes that show up later always start out hidden. (We used to have a hidden setting which would make all notes visible by default, but that wasn’t really the right design either: it was just picking a different misbehavior.)

But I think it would be relatively straightforward to make this behave the way you propose, by turning Show All Notes into a view state rather than an action. I’ll look into that!

thank you.)
it would make a great bullet in the “minor improvements” category in the release notes.)

Did this end up being implemented?

+1, I would like a preferences option to expand notes by default.