Show flagged items in notification widget

Hello. I like new iOS 8 functionality, but I usually do not set due dates for my tasks and just use flags for tasks I have to do today. Is it possible to show list of these tasks in the notification widget? I didn’t find any settings related to the widget.


I also like the new IOS 8 functionality. Would it be possible to use a perspective in order to customize the today widget?

Idealy I’d like a summary that tells me I have items still in the inbox, overdue items as well as those due today. I agree that being able to see flagged items would be useful too.


Yes! I’d love to be able to choose which tasks to show in Notification Center, so a perspective would be ideal. I’d just put the flagged items in there personally.

Giving us the option of of showing a perspective would be ideal…ultimate flexibility for the use then for those that have Pro on the Mac side.

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Would be great if the setting for “App Icon Badge Counts” was used for the Today widget too. (My suggested new setting name: “Today Widget & Badge Counts”).

when i summarize what i want it’s

data across projects: by selected context, flagged, perspective, due date, etc.

by any selected project.

i see an edit screen with a mixable set of column for selection.

personally, what we’ve today is not how i use the tool.

Due or Flagged is one of the best additions to OmniFocus. I’d love to see that tasks in the notification widget.