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I have a Keyboard Maestro macro whereby Cmd-P (I know, I know, but I never print from OF, so it’s fine) on a highlighted action opened a new tab and then executed Show in Projects. This broke recently—it opens the new tab but then doesn’t shift to view of the relevant project.

I just figured out why: when I used to open a tab, it would open with the same item highlighted/selected as in the tab I just left. Now the selection goes right to the top of the view (e.g. the name of the tag). So of course “Show in Projects” fails.

If this isn’t intentional I’d love to see it returned to the old behaviour. If it is, well hrm. Does anyone else have a way of producing this extremely useful behaviour (new tab with project focus)? Something in OmniAutomation or Applescript maybe?


I just replaced the OmniFocus keyboard shortcut (Command-Option-R) with my Keyboard Maestro macro. It creates a new tab then returns to the original tab. Then I finally show in project.

This might mess up window history (which should be coming in OmniFocus 4) but it does do what I want.

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Oh, huh. That’s clever! I might even like that approach better. I didn’t realize Show Previous Tab was a thing—I don’t look at the Window menu much I guess.

Thanks very much.

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For anyone interested, OmniFocus 3.12.2 (v149.17.43) just fixed this, i.e. opening a new tab retains the selection from the tab you were just on. Therefore Opt-Cmd-T followed by Opt-Cmd-R opens a new tab with the item selected in its project view.

wilsonng, just wanted to share that in messing around with this, I noticed how much slower the macros run when executing “select menu item” actions as compared to keyboard command actions. I was surprised by how long the pauses in your macro were until I tried using the menu items. My new (old) macro just runs Opt-Cmd-T, pauses 0.2 s, then runs Opt-Cmd-R. The whole thing takes less than a second to execute. I know there’s a couple of ways where that behaviour isn’t exactly what you want, but I think you could at least shorten that first 1 s pause if you replaced the File -> New Tab with a keyboard action.

Thanks. I am running OF3 and KM on an ancient 2014 Mac Mini running MacOS 10.14. It was acting jittery for me and I had to introduce the pause for my ancient Mac to catch up. 🤷‍♂️

I’m looking forward to my new iMac M1 which will eliminate any lag. Thanks for the tip @Toby about using the keyboard action instead of the Select Menu Item.

I could be wrong, but my recollection is that using a key action just fires the key and moves on with the next action. But executing a menu action waits for the command to complete.

Someone tell me if I have it wrong, thanks.

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