'Show in Projects' opens in new tab – how would you do it?

I frequently want to reveal a task in context of its project to work on that project, but don’t want to close the tab I was working in. Can anyone think of a way I could customise or create my own action to open a new tab with the project of the selected task?

The feature ‘New Tab’ does what you describe.

It usually opens the same as whatever perspective I’m using. I’m looking for a quick way to open the relevant project for the selected task in a new tab. I know I could do it manually in a few steps, and I frequently do, but asking for automated ways to reduce friction is part of the staple of power users’ queries, so I’m hoping someone else has a good suggestion!

If you have Keyboard Maestro, you could probably create a macro that creates a new tab. Then it could execute the keyboard shortcut that would perform a “show in tags” or “show in projects” That could probably work.

I think I tried this once and it appears to work for the most part. But I think it didn’t work in the forecast perspective last time I tried it.

Aha! Found a shortcut. Assign a keyboard shortcut to it and you’re good to go


Oh nice thank you!