Sidebar color changed after last update

I am not sure if it was the upgrade to High Sierra or the upgrade to the latest version of Omnifocus but the sidebar in my custom theme has changed colours but I haven’t changed anything in the theme.

Not sure what caused the change but before these upgrades the sidebar was the same colour as the content background (#272822).

Any help would be appreciated.


After more digging, it looks like something is casting a colour on the side bar and sidebar tabs. I can change the colours using the sidebar tabs and sidebar perspective tints like before but unlike before the colours I choose are not what is displayed. The colours are similar though.

Not sure what would be causing this but I didn’t see the behaviour previously.

do you have “reduce transparency” checked in system preferences->accessibility?
i think that could be the issue, though i’m so used to the “reduced transparency” looks that i don’t even remember how it was before…)

I do, but I have always had that retting enabled.

Turning it off doesn’t help either though, the colour is still not the colour I have selected

I am also noticing that the sidebar transparency that I used to have in the theme I’m using (“Iris-Hardheader”) isn’t there anymore.

Did you upgrade to High Sierra?

I would like to know if it was the OS update or Omnifocus update that caused the issue