Sidebar icons and text very small

it seems to me that the sidebar icons and text (Inbox, Projects …) are much too small - on my MBA and MBP.
On some screenshot of OF (e.g. online, or in " Creating Flow …") I have the impression that the icons and text are bigger.
Question(s): Is it the correct size? And, if not, how can I fix it?


The icons are the right size, but you are correct in noticing a difference in the size of the text versus screenshots you might find online. I believe the reason for that is the German localization reduces the font size by a point in order to ensure that the built-in perspective titles fit within the allotted space. You can get away with a slightly larger size if it’s “Forecast” rather than “Vorausschau”.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it on your end.


Yes, this might be correct, thanks @deaghean.
Anyway, I would recommend “Vorschau” instead of the long “Vorausschau”.

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