Sidebar Selection

Seems OmniFocus remembers the Sidebar selection in both context and project mode perspectives. It would be better if this were a per-perspective option. For example, in the default project perspective, I’d like it to show all projects every time I select it.

New smallish bug in the latest build: a context-mode perspective focusing on a context A that has sub-contexts A1, A2, and A3 and grouped by context will show a partition for A even if nothing is in it.

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There is a dedicated thread for this behavior, which you may wish to move this part of your post into: Empty context titles appearing in perspectives - and how to hide them

Hi, I have the same problem, that when i use CMD+O -> “Projects” to see all my projects, the result depends on previously selected projects.

Furthermore, I usually have the sidebar hidden, so it’s a couple of clicks. (Three, and a resized window)

Is there any work around? or a shortcut to move up in the project/folder hierarchy without showing the sidebar?