Sidebar state not saved when switching perspectives


If you configure a perspective to open in a new window, when launching that perspective, it will inherit the sidebar settings of the parent window it was launched from. Meaning if the sidebar is showing and I click on a perspective which opens in a new window, that new window will also have a sidebar.

If however, the current window does not have a sidebar and you launch a perspective that opens in a new window, that new window will not have the sidebar.

I do not believe this was the same behaviour in OF1. Has it just “not made it in yet” to OF2 or is this by design?


I came here to say the same thing. Also where can I updated a perspective?

You update the perspective using the “View” icon on the toolbar. Currently, there are a few bugs (or missing features), in that you cannot “take a snapshot” of the window and save it as a perspective like you could in OF1. This means things like your status bar, toolbar will be inherited from either a parent window or whatever window you had opened before you closed OF2. It will still “save” settings such as sort order, grouping, etc. from the view menu automatically.

I’m still hoping for the June release there will be a way to save the state of the sidebar/toolbar. In my opinion, these should be in the “view” menu of each perspective as a configurable option. Very similarly to the “open in new window” checkmark, they should be grouping all these window behaviours into 1 common “Window Behaviour” section, which would include:

  1. Open in new window (currently there)
  2. Hide sidebar (currently missing)
  3. Hide toolbar (currently missing)

and maybe 4: Remember window size


Agreed. OF1 Perspectives offered much greater control over window states than does OF2 (at least thus far). My particular gripe is that I group Projects into a fairly lengthy series of folders (“Areas of Focus” in GTD-speak). In OF2, selecting a Perspective opens all those folders invariably by default, which makes for a lot of scrolling in the Sidebar.

I’d like to see more control over panel displays back too. I use a focused, flagged list of things I want to do today - with no right or left panel showing. Currently have to set it up every day manually. I’m guessing this is something that’s just not been implemented as yet?

I just sent an email feedback registering my request for this functionality…

I too am greatly missing this feature. With the “save” feature in the view options, it could be simple enough to save the window size, layout & options if “open in new window” is selected as an option?

+1 Really hoping this feature makes it into a near future release

+1 to all of the above. Please bring back the “saved view” (i.e. all of the window/view properties of a saved perspective are used when opening a perspective in a new window).

Once again I find myself logging in to request a feature that existed in OF1 and was removed in OF2. (Seems like I do that a lot.) Please do add back in the ability to save window states to a perspective.

I would love this. I’ve created a clean, items-only, due today list that I rarely use because I have to remove the toolbar, sidebar, and inspector with three different hotkeys, then resize the window each time I want to use it.

Small-sounding feature, but it would make the whole app a lot easier for me to use. Not having it basically prevents the creation of a quickly available heads-down, distraction free work mode, which is a pretty big missing feature.

I created an Alfred script to do this. A little setup needed:

  • Set Hide and Show Toolbar to command + T in keyboard system settings
  • Set desired perspective to command + 8 in OF perspectives menu

Hotkeys and windows size and placement can be edited in the script. Hotkey is set to command+option+control+T