Sidebar width thinner when viewing Inbox [Cause: custom icons]

I’ve just started noticing an issue where when I am viewing my Inbox, the sidebar is thinner than when viewing any other perspective. I attached a screenshot below. You can see the normal sidebar width at the top and the smaller one below when I have the Inbox selected.

I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling (though I don’t think I got all the settings since it still remembered all of my items and information after reinstalling).

I’m using OmniFocus v2.2 Pro.

Any suggestions or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated. It is just a cosmetic issue, but annoying when I jump back and forth so much.

Thank you,

  • Dan

I’ve seen something like this happen when certain custom perspective icons are used. Have you downloaded any custom icons? If not, could you email so we can investigate?

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Thank you, Anne, for your response. I was using custom icons ( I hid those perspectives and now everything seems to be back to normal.

[edit] After some troubleshooting, it seems like the issue is caused when I am using those custom icons and have so many perspectives that the scroll bars are needed. If I only show how many perspectives fit without vertical scrolling, then the width seems to stay consistent.

I’m not sure if that is a bug or just a consequence of the custom icons.

Thanks again,

  • Dan

Dan, do you have “Show scroll bars” set to “Always” in your General system settings?

Was only able to reproduce this by changing that setting to Always, and making the window short enough to have to scroll the sidebar. Didn’t seem to matter what perspectives or icons were involved.

(If that turns out not to be the case, I’m happy to make any suggested edits to the icons).

Thanks Josh for your help. I have scrollbars set to automatically show, so I only see them when scrolling my list of perspectives. The problem went away after I hid all of my custom perspectives, re-added all of your icons to them again, and then showed those perspectives again. To be safe, I’m only showing as many perspectives as can fit on one screen (I wasn’t really using them all that often anyway).

In the end I’m not really sure what happened. The problem seemed to come out of nowhere, last for a few days, and then fixed itself when I started messing with the icons and number of perspectives I’m showing.

Hopefully it won’t come back again but if it does I’ll update this thread.

Thank you again for your willingness to help. I love your icons and refer anyone who asks about them to your site.