Simple licensing question

Definitely sold on OmniFocus2, ready to lay down for the Pro tier. I think I understand the licensing terms, however I want to make sure I’m 100% compliant.

I have five Macs that I would be using OmniFocus on – business desktop, business laptop, two personal laptops and a personal desktop.

I would be the sole user of OmniFocus, both at work and at home.

Is there any distinction between business use and personal use with regards to licensing? Also my understanding is that I license for the number of computers or users whichever is lower. Since I will be the only user on all five machines, am I only required to purchase a single license?

That is currently my understanding, would appreciate a thumbs up or thumbs down so I can be compliant.


If you have a look at this support article on licensing, it seems you only need one license for all your machines. If you’re still unsure, though, you should email sales support.

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