Simple lists within tasks

I’ve been using OF this way or another since 2010. From time to time I check other tools out of curiosity because I am read about them, or because I encounter them through co-workers (Trello being one example), but at the end of the day I stick with OF because all in all it can do what the other tools can and then much, much more. There are a couple of features that I encountered in other tools I wish OF had. One is having the ability to have simple checklists (or at least one) within tasks, and I am curious what people’s feelings are about this, or whether there is a way to accomplish what I would like to get out of the lists.

I saw those in Trello, Things 3, Wunderlist (now MS Todo), and even Habitica - a simple list I can generate within a task I can quickly check off. OF has the ability to create sub-tasks, which I appreciate, as those are sometimes needed. But more often than I need sub-tasks with all the bells and whistles (which I appreciate greatly, by the way), I find that I would like the ability to quickly add a list to a task that will help me remember all that needs to be done to accomplish it. I don’t need due dates for the list items, or tags, attachments, or anything of that sort. For instance, there is a medicine I take daily for a subscription, make sure it is delivered, go to the pharmacy to put in the order for the meds themselves, and then pick them up. The important dates are the initial call to get the prescription, so that I don’t run out, and then picking up the meds - so a defer and due dates. Everything else needs to be done between the initial call and the drive to the pharmacy. Since 99 out 100 times I use OF on my iPhone, needing to enter intermediary tasks is extremely tedious, and I wish I could outline them in a checklist.



It’s a good idea. It might be do-able with task groups but it might be simpler with lists attached to tasks.

I would find this useful for shopping lists and for lists of items I need to pack for travel. I could then send the list to my watch and tick items off hands-free while keeping my phone in my pocket.

I agree. I think Things 3 has a superb list feature and it would be a brilliant addition to the OF3 feature set. As you correctly point out, the need for simple lists for quick or one off items would avoid more complex sub-tasks.
I also have a pharmacy requirement and I often need to add one -off items to my sub-tasks in my pharmacy task. A simple list would be preferable.


Agreed, things three list style is brilliant and i would love a combination of the t3 UI and the omnifocus depth of features, T3 just looks and works so much smoother than Omni, but i need functionality which is why i am on omni… for now… unless T3 or Todoist bring some more detailed repeating / sequential project features out.

Yep, that is pretty much where I am at. I found Things 3 aesthetically pleasing, but I need the OF functionality.

I am fan of task grouping, but they require much more input, and it s more time consuming the enter information, especially when I use my iPhone.

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Absolutely agree with all of you.
The option to make lists inside a task will be super welcome. I don’t know if easy to implement but just could be an option that you can activate in the options or not to prevent break the workflow of other users that don’t need.

Definitely support this. It’s the main feature in Things 3 that I miss after switching back to OF. These are super handy for small routine items that don’t make sense to have as a sub task, cluttering up views, but that are valuable to be able to check off. For example, a daily medication task with a checklist of each item, or a quick shopping list.

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