Simple? Setting icons on scripts in OF

Hi and good day,
Now I forgot how to set the icons (png) on my scripts in the script folder.

With CMD - I they already got the icon on the file, but it doesn’t show in OF:

Any idea why?


with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

Did you do this in the Finder inspector for the script? It works for me if I copy the image, then paste it onto the icon in the inspector - dragging the file sometimes produces unexpected results.

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You may also have to quit and restart OF when you change the icon for the script at the Finder level.


Hi @rosemaryjayne,

Yes I did, in the Finder. I had it working before my recent Clean Install !

In the screen dump you can maybe see “PNG” written there.

@DrJJWMac Yes I did, I’ll check tomorrow after a reboot…

Omar KN

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