Simple Visio Issues

I have looked around but cannot see any simple answers to some baseline issues with Visio expport.

I am using Pro


I am also needing to use Visio 2016 64bit on PC.

My 2 big issues seem like it might be a simple answer but I can’t figure it out… Any help would be great

When going to visio from OG Pro Everything transfers seemingly ok but all the text in every box is now at the bottom of any box and there seems to be no way to recenter it simply ?

When I import Visio to Omnigraffle I lose all the connectors and have issues with anything that is in a container

A FAQ from OG would be good for this or if someone knows a simple fix that would really help :-)

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How are you exporting/importing? Using the Export dialog and then selecting Visio (XML)? Since it is XML, you could open the exported file in a text editor and read through it searching for one of your text boxes and see if the attributes are correct (location, alignment, etc).

To import, are you using Place Image?

Just as a curiosity, have you tried exporting/importing as SVG instead?

We’d be glad to help. If you can send an example of the issue, we may be able to recommend a workaround. Email us from Contact Omni in the Help menu. Sending us an example of both the import and export issue, if possible, would helps us isolate the problem.

Thanks, I have the option for visio XML .VDX export which i used. Also tried .SVG (Thanks)

Both same result Text appears in the lower bottom part of the visio object and can’t be reformatted by selecting paragraph options like alignment

Whatever happened with this one? I am having the same issue. When I export a file to Visio format and open the file in Visio, all of my text in text boxes is out of alignment. I have all text centered and set to wrap to shape. Doesn’t appear to work. What’s the fix? I assume this is a user error/setting issue.

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Me too. What’s happened?

I finally gave up - Making sure drop shadow was off, that the font you have is the same as available on PC side, Using office 365 version of Visio and not 2016 visio - these helped a little, but eventually it got to the point where I just used a 30 day free office 365 trial on mac using parallels

Saying OG is definitely compatible in opening and saving visio files is a bot of an overreach

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This fix would be fantastic for my sanity.

Please try the 7.15 test builds which are solely focused on Visio fixes. We have addressed a few text bugs so far but if you’re still seeing issues, please send us example documents so we have test cases to look at. This release is not meant to address all Visio bugs and any help you can give us to know where to focus our efforts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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