Single action list completion

For a single action list, what is the practical distinction between completing it and dropping it?

If “finishing” SALs is a regular occurrence, you might consider parallel projects instead. SALs are lists that don’t really admit of completion, so I am unsure if the view distinctions below apply in the same way they do for Sequential and Parallel project types.

From the OF2 manual:

Completed completed
When you change the status of a project to Completed, the project itself is marked as Completed. However, this does not affect the status of any Active actions within the project; they will remain Active until their statuses are set to Completed.
Dropped dropped
Every now and then, you’ll find that a project needs to be canceled or put off indefinitely. When that happens, you can set the project’s status to Dropped. When Dropped, the project and all of its actions are hidden, and won’t show up in any view setting other than All. This also notes that a project is slated for eventual archiving in a separate database.

I’m thinking that the facility to complete a SAL is just accidental.