Single task recurring with due


Is there any way to make a single task a 30 minutes recurring event everyday showing it as due?

For example, I would like to spend 30 minutes cleaning the garage everyday and mark as done end of each day for the next 30 days.


It sounds like you want to form a habit

I tend to use OmniFocus for:

  • one off tasks
  • repeating tasks that don’t occur on a daily basis
  • projects - one off or repeating projects

For habit forming, I use on my iPhone. This app keeps track of streaks (number of consecutive days that this task was completed)

There is also a community aspect that I don’t really use.

When a repeating task becomes an automatic part of my life, I can erase it from OmniFocus or

Examples are

Clean my bedroom every Saturday
Clean my garage every 2 days
Brush my teeth

I can set to have targets for the week or month as well:

Declutter 3 times a week
Call mom and dad twice a week
Backup the computer twice a week
Post a Facebook advertisement 12 times a month