Siri to OF4 on iOS - how to put in specific project?

If I use “Hey Siri, Add my-task to my-to-do-list in OmniFocus”, it presents me with a list of projects to choose from. My generic to-do list is at the top, but I still have to interact with my phone to choose it. Is there a way to send a task directly to a project without having to select it on the screen?

OF Siri

Yes, I’m well familiar with this. The problem is that Siri does not recognize my List name, even if I name it something distinctive and completely unlike any other list in OF. For example if I make a list TomatoFish, and ask Siri “Add Do Dishes to my TomatoFish list in Omnifocus” it still prompts me to choose from a lists of Lists (aka “Projects”) on my screen. Wondering if there is a way to have it figure that out without further input. Would be helpful while driving !

I get it. I use OF in German. When I turned the sentence around it worked. But I really had to exactly name the project (list).

Instead of…
„Add Do Dishes to my TomatoFish list in Omnifocus“
Add to list in OmniFocus.

„Add to list TomatoFish in OmniFocus Do Dishes“
Add to list in OmniFocus… .

Unfortunately, I cannot test this, but in German it helped to give Siri the context (list/app) first.