Siri Watch Face - Display Due Tasks as Cards

Hello all - Looking around the forums I don’t see any recent discussions regarding Omnifocus 3 as a data source on the Siri Watch face. Are there any plans to have tasks with due dates appear as cards? I believe Things has already implemented this and Reminders has always done it. If there is already a way to do this and I’m just missing it, please let me know. Thanks!


I’m a bit disappointed to say the least as this is my watch face of choice.I hope the situation is remedied.


I agree. I no longer carry my phone at all during the day, so it would be very useful to have a more robust Watch app in general? Anyone else want this??

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I hink a lot of people want it. There seem to be persistent challenges in how OF integrates with the Watch. We can hope that this year’s IOS work (per the roadmap) might help.

I’ve emailed OMNI about this. I have Carrot App on my Siri face and it works great, all day long I get regular and accurate forecasts. I can even add more cards to appear as an option in the settings of that app.
I’ve dabbled with Things 3. T3 provides cards for Siri face, and they appear at the ‘Previous’ section of the cards when you roll the crown back, but at least they are there.
I fail to understand why OF cannot match the Siri face function of a weather app, or the much less powerful Things App?
I have come to rely on my apple watch Siri face, and I sorely miss the ability to use OF on it.

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I trialed Sorted3 app and it places cards on Siri Face at the correct time of day. I’m frustrated that my best task app of choice OF cannot match the less powerful or useful todo apps, or even a simple weather app. I must add that I got superb responses from the Omni people about making this a reality.

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