Siri Watch Face issue

Months ago I was seeking clarity on the usefulness of OmniFocus on the Siri watch face.

  • Has anyone got a working example of omnifocus on the Siri watch face?
    • For a short while I had some contexts appearing on the watch face, and while it wasn’t that useful, at least it was working to some degree.

For some reason beyond my comprehension, it is no longer working.
I always update to the latest version, I’ve even tried the betas.

If anyone can advise me on this I’d appreciate it. The Siri watch face is so good but is seriously disadvantaged due to OF not working on it.

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I don’t know if I ever saw OmniFocus ever appear on the Siri watch face. What did it show when it was working?

It showed a row of contexts. It wasn’t very useful to be honest. It was easier to access the app in the normal way.

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I have never managed to get OF to appear on the Siri watch face. The option is toggled on in the settings but nothing appears.

I do use for some reminders I have to do on certain days at a specific time. If I have a reminder for 18:00 today then that does show in the Siri watch face.

Both apps have the toggle to show in the Siri watch face switched on, but only one works. I do not know why this is the case.

I can’t remember when it was working. I have been using alternate faces for a while.

I have experimented with other apps.

  • Due app is excellent and as you say works well on Siri face.

  • Sorted app likewise works well on Siri face.

  • Apple Reminders of course works well on Siri face.

  • Things app has cards appear on Siri face (admittedly only in the past but at least they work in some form).

There may be others, which begs the question why our favourite app OF3 is incapable of reliably showing Siri watch face cards?

I hate using more than one app for all my day to day tasks, actions & reminders.

I emailed omni some time ago and they said it should work on Siri face but that it was in the control of Apple Siri watch face and personal use cases to make it work.
Yet if I install Due, I know I’ll have Siri watch face cards today.

Other than todo apps, I use Carrot for weather and they let you add extra cards for through the day (which I use).

If any of you are like me and rely on Apple Watch for day to day minute to minute updates on what actions/tasks you need to accomplish please email omnigroup and demand this important feature. I have so please add your requests so that they take notice at long last.

I have it as a complication on my watchface. I tap it, and I see a Watch version of Forecast. I can look at Today and click tasks as complete. I’m running OmniFocus 2.22.3 on my iPhone, because iOS OF3 screwed up calendar and task views by making a horrible stew of them.

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Thanks @altadel for your reply.
Good thinking, but this is the action I already employ. (I am running the latest version of OF3 though).
I know you can have the little complication but that defeats the purpose of the Siri Face entirely. The purpose is that at appropriate times the next OF action due appears as a card on the Siri face.
If Due app can manage this simple task, why can’t the king of all task-management apps do it?
I have migrated again to Things, because I live out of the apple watch and while Things is far from perfect with respect to the Siri face, I can still quickly scroll to the most recent card and see Things right there!
Things for watch is also streets ahead of OF for watch in many respects meaning I can manipulate task times, notes etc all from my wrist. It also sync directly to the cloud independently of the iPhone.
In OF for watch you can only add and complete tasks (& flag tasks).

I love OF3. I’ve used it since v1. I still think it’s the premier task app in the world. But with regard to the watch version, they have let us down. I need a competent and useful watch app that properly works with Siri face. I need to manipulate tasks right there on my wrist. I don’t think that should be too difficult.

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