Sitemap HOME top level Orthogonal lines freak out

Hi everyone,

I have a sitemap where the Orthogonal lines are doing their job pretty well EXCEPT that when I add a top level HOME page, the orthogonal lines do not act properly.

Is there a way to fix this please ?

Thank you

hey @raccoonready, try selecting the “Home” rectangle, then in the menubar choose Edit > Magnets > Positions > 2 magnets: N, S. Setting these magnets forces the lines connected to this shape to route from the center of the top or bottom edges. You may also want to apply the same change to all the items in your diagram. This should help force it to be consistent.

Hi Valyria,

That seems to help a bit as well as increasing the height of the vertical gap between the sitemap boxes.

Thank for the help, I’ll keep at it, so far that has fixed it thank you.