Size window to full screen size when clicking +


I have noticed this inconsistency with different Mac apps that when I click on the + icon of the window, some apps size the window exactly to the full dimensions of the screen and some size it to some seemingly random dimensions.

I’m not sure if this phenomena is managed by the OS itself, but it would be nice to have the window size itself to the full size of the screen dimensions when I click the little green + icon of the window in the top left. Currently it’s just switches between two sizes (previous and current size) and none of them actually covers the screen.

I know there’s the full screen window, but that’s not what I’m after.

My apologies for posting this, if this is more of an OS related issue and not OmniGraffle.

Sort of. The intended behavior of that control on Mavericks and earlier—where it is known as the “Zoom button”—is that the window informs the OS of its “natural” size and the button toggles between the “natural” size and the last size specified by the user.

If a window doesn’t provide a “natural” size to the OS, the size of the screen is assumed.

If you’ve played with the OS X Yosemite public beta, you might have noticed that the green button now invokes the Full Screen feature, and that its icon has changed accordingly. You can continue to get the Mavericks-era behavior by holding down the Option key.