Slow performance switching tabs/perspectives

When switching perspectives I’ve noticed that Omnifocus hangs for about 1 second.
It’s not a lot of time, but it makes the program feel very slow and sluggish.

I don’t think I have a particularly large library, so I guess that’s not the reason. I’ve noticed this in my two computers (a laptop and a desktop). I never had this issue in Omnifocus 1 with the same library.

Am I the only one that is suffering this issue?

I’ve reported this by email already.


I’ve noticed this as well.

There’s also an issue with unchecking/‘uncompleting’ tasks in the ‘all’ perspective.

I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s just over a second, consistent across perspectives.

My database stats are as follows:

Active folders: 12
Dropped folders: 27

Active projects: 44
Current projects: 43
Pending projects: 0
On-hold projects: 25
Completed projects: 13
Dropped projects: 5

Active single action lists: 8
On-hold single action lists: 1
Completed single action lists: 0
Dropped single action lists: 0

Active contexts: 23
On-hold contexts: 2
Dropped contexts: 4

Remaining action groups: 32
Completed action groups: 2

Completed actions: 266
Remaining actions: 417
Available actions: 94
Actions awaiting start date: 4
Sequentially blocked actions: 39
Actions of inactive projects: 243
Actions of contexts which are on hold: 28
Actions of contexts which are dropped: 0

Inbox action groups: 0
Inbox actions: 0

Hardware Information:
Model Name: MacBook Air
Model Identifier: MacBookAir5,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 4 MB
Memory: 8 GB

Operating System Information:
ProductName: Mac OS X
OS X Version: 10.9.3
BuildVersion: 13D21

Cc’d OFPreview

I see a slight lag opening and closing folders. I’m also on the fence with the expanding/collapsing of project animations in the center bar. I’m not sure if I like the aesthetic or if it feels like it’s slowing down the navigation.

OmniFocus 2 is a little slow when the user change the preferences or other settings.

I’ve seen that the new Sunday, March 30 release states that Performance when switching tabs should be much faster.

In my case, I can only notice an improved performance when switching to the Review tab. In all other cases (any perspective to any other perspective), performance is still as slow as always (greater than a second).

Since Omnifocus 1 doesn’t struggle at all when switching perspectives, I guess the issue is not related to my database (which is not large by any means) but to the rendering of the views that is performed in OF2.

I think this needs to be addressed, as it dramatically affects the user’s perception of the quality of the software.

I concur, the tab switch for me is the same 1.1-1.2s that it was before this update.

Hi everyone,
I just realized that the issue came from the display of the tasks/items.
If there is no items in a particular perspectives or contexts or projects, then there is no delay.
For example, if I don’t have flagged items in errands, and then switching to Flagged sidebar when errands was chosen will have no delay.

Hope the team can fix this issue.

Maybe I was oblivious before, but to me this lag seems more noticeable and annoying in the latest build (208021)


Agree, the lag is completely terrible in version 208068.
It now takes over 2 seconds to switch from the Inbox view to the Projects view. It even takes a really long time to switch from project to project in the Projects view.

I’m using a 15’’ retina MBP, so it should be powerful enough to run this kind of application without problems.

I’m curious that not a lot of people seem to be reporting this. Are we the only ones affected, or the rest of the people don’t care? If so, why does this affect us?

What was a very annoying thing, it’s becoming more than an issue. Sometimes it takes so long to switch that it makes the program almost unusable (and certainly, not pleasant at all).

Any thoughts?

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One guess: may be related to the number of projects and/or contexts in the database. Or possibly some combination of those two numbers. In addition to the timing stats that people are reporting, having that info may help us determine what’s going on for the folks that are experiencing it.

Unfortunately I have exactly the same performance issue as described here…

I’m having this problem too on a fresh database.

Yep, it’s related to the rendering of the tasks. Happens anywhere, long list of tasks… 1-2 seconds delay. Enter into a project or context with a handful of tasks… fast as it should be.

It’s pretty annoying.