Slow search in OF3 new install

Right now, clicking on Search is a 10+ second wait before the cursor appears and then 7-10 seconds for each letter to be recognized. I do have a large database (~200 project, ~13k actions) but the same action in OF2 is relatively instantaneous.

Is there some sort of indexing time required for a new install? Does it need some quiet time to get fully situated? :-)

Pro Trial / 6s / 12.4

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13,000 actions? Hopefully you’re doing some and not just capturing them ;-)

In settings, how many zip files is it? If that number is in the thousands, you’ll want to make sure everything is synced. Otherwise I’m not sure… that’s indeed a big database.

Zip files has no effect on search speed, same behavior with 114 files after initial sync as with 1 file after forced syncs. And giving OF3 some quiet time to itself didn’t help either. :-(

This is not an outcome I even remotely anticipated as a result of upgrading, it renders search completely unusable. So the next question is what’s the word on OF2 compatibility with iOS 13?

I would guess I’m in the top 5% of OF power users, I make extensive use of templates and checklists, I have 30+ Applescripts doing everything from automatically setting review intervals based on changed due dates to accessing a TV schedule API to add new episodes of shows to my watch list. That’s why I’m such a slow adopter, I learned my lesson after the OF1 > OF2 transition.

I used to do TV show watch lists in OmniFocus but it was just too much work. I’ve learned to use the iShows app on my iPhone. It updates quite frequently and I can mark off shows as I watch each episode. It’s all taken care of for me.

Other things like shopping list are on my Amazon wish list for things to buy or even movie discs to purchase.

I also do monthly archiving. I’ve found that I rarely need to refer to something more than 2 months ago. If I ever need it, I can return back to my computer and check the archives there.

If this is a new OF3 install, your iPhone will take its sweet time to do Spotlight indexing. Then you can use Spotlight on your iPhone to do quick searches.

Whenever I have a new Mac or iOS device, I already know that the first few days will have the battery getting hit hard while it creates the Spotlight indexing. This can slow the device quite a bit until the indexing is finished.

I’ve seen this happen when I load a large DevonThink database on to a computer or iOS device as well.

Me too. I add the show once and new episode titles, synopses, and air dates are added automatically. :-)

To clarify, it’s not Spotlight indexing that’s slow, it’s the native OF searching. Spotlight searching is instantaneous, native searching in OF2 is instantaneous, native searching in OF3 is unusable. Search response becomes real time upon entering the 6th letter of the search term. At ~10 seconds per action, it’s a full minute to activate the cursor and type 5 letters.

I’m going to experiment with a duplicate database and delete projects to try and determine what the upper limit is for tasks while maintaining full app functionality. (It’s also likely that I’ll roll back to v2 on all my devices when the trial is up.)

For those finding this later via search…

It’s not strictly a function of task count, 13k tasks in 200 projects is slower than 13k tasks in 350 projects. At that point searching was ~7 seconds per action, with response becoming real time on the 5th letter of the search term.

I removed tasks in batches of ~1000 and search lag time improved as the total number of tasks decreased. Search was still laggy at 250 projects and 5000 tasks, at which point I stopped my experiment. The lag was noticeable but tolerable at about 1 second per action and became real time on the 3rd/4th letter of the search term.

Zip file count ranged from 1 to 100 and had no effect on search lag.


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